Liposuction Body Reshaping Surgery

Liposuction Body Reshaping Surgery

Liposuction surgery means removal of stubborn body fat deposits through pinhole incisions by using special suction techniques. Common areas treated by liposuction include the double chin of the neck, fat pads in the axilla, the bra rolls below the straplines, love handles around the waist, saddlebags on the outer thighs, inner thighs, excess fat deposits in arms, tummy, hips.

Candidates for liposuction:

Those having stubborn fat deposits despite following a regular diet and exercise. Having genetic predisposition or lipodystrophy and hence localized fat bulges.

Post operative and Recovery period

There may be swelling and bruising in the area treated by liposuction for 7-10 days. The area where fat is removed may feel numb for 6-8 weeks. The result of liposuction is immediate, but more prominent when swelling decreases which may take a month to settle down. The results of liposuction are usually permanent, provided a balanced diet and regular exercise pattern is maintained. If you gain weight, after liposuction, then the body area that underwent liposuction will not get bigger, but the area where fat cells are still present will grow. So it is generally advisable to try and maintain a stable weight. Liposuction surgery is associated with a quick recovery time. Compression garments are required to be worn for 4-6 weeks. One can get back to work in a week’s time and start brisk walking in a week’s time, strenuous exercises in 2-4 weeks time.