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Patient Testimonials

I am grateful to the skilled surgeon Dr.Preetharani and the entire medical team for their expertise and support. The breast reduction surgery has been a life-changing experience for my wife.


Iam D.S.Nishanth undergone Gynecomastia surgery under Dr.Preetharani. Treatment very good and effective Hospitality was very good.


We have done surgery under Dr.Preetharani Gynecomastia on a month before. We are very satisfied and my son is well doing now. Royal care hospitals facilities also good.
Thank you

Gordhan jat

Dr.Preetharani a Cosmetic surgeon gives the perfect treatment

Pugal Zechariah

I am Pugalenthi, I have undergone the cosmetic surgery for the removal of the extra portion of glands and fats in my chest. Dr.Preetharani gave the treatment for 2 days. The caring and medications of royal care hospitals were fully satisfied.
Thanks to Dr.Preetharani to get back to my normal life.


Your contribution in my life is nothing short of magical. Thanks for all your support-medical & emotional. Doctors like you replace the fear of illness with trust in recovery. I know no thank you will suffice for the difference you had made in my life.
Thanks a lot



In July 2020 , my child suffered a serious injury to his upper lip in an accident and required reconstructive surgery. From the moment we met Dr. Preetharani, we knew we were in good hands. The entire team took the time to listen to our concerns and answer all of our questions, explaining the procedure in detail and putting us at ease. The surgery went smoothly and the results are truly remarkable. Dr. Preetharani's expertise and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of her work. My wife and I are grateful to her for restoring my child's confidence and self-esteem with her exceptional surgical skills.



I can’t thank Dr. Preetharani enough! I would not have a working thumb if it wasn’t for her surgical skill. She is great to meet with in follow up appointments, she takes time to explain in detail the healing process, and what still needs to be done. Her hospital staff are also very helpful. I highly recommend her hospital.


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